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Crelos consult in organisational development and change. Our consultants use the best proven and scientific research regarding how and why people react and behave as they do to design bespoke solutions that effect change.

These news items show how we work in partnership with clients to understand their strategic business agendas and develop solutions that achieve improved business performance. 

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Business braces itself for Sir David Walker broadside

November 2009 - The Times

This article discusses the anticipated final recommendations of Sir David Walker on behaviour in the boardroom and how Crelos and the Tavistock Insitute, in their submission to Sir David, advocate that board behaviour has a direct impact on business performance and that therefore, behavioural review should be seen by chairmen as an opportunity to improve their board performance and business.

The tests that say you will explode

November 2009 - The Times

Ali Gill explains how psychometrics are the starting points to an assessment for interview or performance review. To get the full pictures, oher tools need taking into account, such behavioural interviews, 360 degree feedback, testimonials and interviews with colleagues and former colleagues.

The acid test - Is business psychology the secret to telling the champions from the chumps?

October 2009 - Accountancy magazine

Scientific due diligence of management teams is key to investors' decision making when it comes to putting executive teams together. This article highlights how critical assessments can be to get a non-bias picture of what each individual is capable of, and how support is essential for executives to realise their full potential.

The appliance of science

August 2009 - Real Deals Europe

Sir David Walker released his much awaited report looking at the issues that have troubled the beleaguered sector. The report makes various recommendations about what measures should be put in place to prevent a future repeat of the banks' brush with institutional failure. Ali Gill, CEO of Crelos, explains why she believes the report doesn't go far enough and why a complete overhaul of the way management and boards are appointed and evaluated is required.

Management fundamentals: How to motivate

August 2009 - Edge Online

Motivation is arguably one of a manager’s most powerful tools since it can self-propel your charges to increased productivity and efficiency, make them better at innovating, not to mention happier and more fulfilled. As Alison Gill, managing director of talent management consultancy Crelos, points out, tapping into what motivates people equals ‘free fuel’ as far as organisational productivity and employee satisfaction is concerned.

Showing 21-25 articles of 52

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"We live in a time when change has become a constant part of UK plc, yet mastery of change leadership remains under developed with 75% of major organizational change projects failing to deliver the predicted organizational benefits. To become expert in anything requires purposeful practice. When I think back to my days as an athlete, I think of the practice required to become expert. You work to develop skills so that those skills become automatic. Your actions on a daily basis are purposeful and goal directed. It is this that gives you the confidence to operate at the edge of your ability and that is the mastery of change."

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