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Crelos consult in organisational development and change. Our consultants use the best proven and scientific research regarding how and why people react and behave as they do to design bespoke solutions that effect change.

These news items show how we work in partnership with clients to understand their strategic business agendas and develop solutions that achieve improved business performance. 

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How to maximise your employee wellbeing

May 2009 - The Times

This article explores the role of organisations and the influence they can have on the wellbeing of employees, as well as the link between physical and mental wellbeing and increased commitment.

To make change work, make staff central to the process

April 2009 - Times Online

Ali Gill puts forward advice on how to manage an increased workload with a reduced headcount by recognising the need for change and engaging the team to come up with the answers.

Talent management in the downturn

March 2009 -

Is talent management a new-fangled concept coined in the good times, or repackaged traditional HR ideas that remain as important as ever in the downturn? This article explains why talent management is even more important in the downturn and includes a vodcast from Crelos on recommendations for managing talent in the downturn.

Employee engagement in a change environment

March 2009 - Strategic HR Review

Using construction business Costain's Project Management Academy as a case study, this paper explores the dynamics of organisational change and presents the case for a new, more effective and lasting way of approaching it, based on the practical application of behavioural psychology to engage employees in the change.

Perfecting Performance

February 2009 - Corporate Financier

This article discusses the importance of human capital due diligence in the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector. With drastic improvements in the precision by which the measurement of people and performance has evolved over the past 10 years, the accuracy of the information that be obtained can no longer be ignored. As a result, investors are now in a position to assess individuals and teams in term of their readiness to take on the management of an organisation during acquisition and after and it is time for the profession to reflect on their processes.

Showing 31-35 articles of 52

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"We live in a time when change has become a constant part of UK plc, yet mastery of change leadership remains under developed with 75% of major organizational change projects failing to deliver the predicted organizational benefits. To become expert in anything requires purposeful practice. When I think back to my days as an athlete, I think of the practice required to become expert. You work to develop skills so that those skills become automatic. Your actions on a daily basis are purposeful and goal directed. It is this that gives you the confidence to operate at the edge of your ability and that is the mastery of change."

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