Our story

Every person's and organisation's life is a story. Hollywood script doctors say there's only one story with three parts; you want something (the object of desire); you struggle to get it (the plot); you either realise your dream, are disappointed (the resolution) or... produce the sequel.

Crelos is no different (in this respect at least!).

The Object of Desire

We wrote the first chapter of Getfeedback.net Ltd in 2000. The talent management sector was letting its clients down. Getfeedback's two founders provided the two parts of the solution:

  • Alison Gill combines an Oxford psychology degree, 15 years of commercial experience and Olympic rowing performances. She's committed to using real psychology in organisations, and to original thinking about solutions, not just running a process or ticking boxes.
  • Steve Bicknell created risk management tools for Goldman Sachs and led the architecture of several technology change projects. He has strong views on providing systems that work 24/7 and that you don't need to wear a white coat to use.

We aimed to create the best talent management company in the world.

The Plot

Creating and running a business isn't simple. Things don't work; you put them right. Opportunities arise: you need to move fast. We never accepted second best.

Over 100 people now deliver Crelos' unique brand of talent management to companies such as O2, Barclays, Bentley and Alfred McAlpine.
Job done...

The Resolution*

Everything changes. That's what stories are about. In 2007 we set our grey matter running and listened to as many customers, suppliers, associates, staff and competitors as possible. The result?

Getfeedback - concentrating on making you self-sufficient by building a best-of-breed range of global assessments, surveys and processes, delivered on-line by technology that works. Visit Getfeedback's website here.

Crelos - a people change business that works with leaders to give meaning to 'differentiation through people' using Precision Business Psychology.

Two linked organisations that put people at the centre of the world of work, ensuring success as the economy writes its own story into the future.

* Is there a sequel? We don't know yet. Watch this space.

"We live in a time when change has become a constant part of UK plc, yet mastery of change leadership remains under developed with 75% of major organizational change projects failing to deliver the predicted organizational benefits. To become expert in anything requires purposeful practice. When I think back to my days as an athlete, I think of the practice required to become expert. You work to develop skills so that those skills become automatic. Your actions on a daily basis are purposeful and goal directed. It is this that gives you the confidence to operate at the edge of your ability and that is the mastery of change."

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