How we work

The Our Story section of this web site tells you how we got where we are. We're searching for new talents to write the next chapters - and maybe a further volume. Crelos will grow fast from a running start... and we'll grow globally.

Our core values inform everything we do:

The Company... unstuffy; has a flat management structure; is young in spirit and mind; values straight talking; takes work-life balance seriously; expects to be the best at what it does (not second or third); wants to be acknowledged as a thought leader and is committed to original research - we're a knowledge driven company; takes a psychologically minded approach backed up by science and fronted by business understanding.

Our team...

...share common values; focus on the job in hand and work to ensure we deliver on promises; have a life outside work; know their stuff (and often know different stuff from the rest of us); are psychologically minded; see thinking as one core of their work, not an excuse for a rest; have customers at the centre of their behaviour, not as a meaningless mental tic; value but challenge each other; take criticism as an opportunity to develop; don't cut corners. Specifically, when you walk into a clients' office you ARE Crelos.

Our jobs...

...don't confine you to one solution. You get to deal with our biggest customers on a variety of projects. You know our core approach and beliefs and adapt them to create client business value. Our work involves learning as well as applying knowledge. Our jobs don't suit know-it-alls or shrinking violets: they suit confident team-players.

Our goal... be recognised by our customers as the best at what we do...consistently.

"We live in a time when change has become a constant part of UK plc, yet mastery of change leadership remains under developed with 75% of major organizational change projects failing to deliver the predicted organizational benefits. To become expert in anything requires purposeful practice. When I think back to my days as an athlete, I think of the practice required to become expert. You work to develop skills so that those skills become automatic. Your actions on a daily basis are purposeful and goal directed. It is this that gives you the confidence to operate at the edge of your ability and that is the mastery of change."

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