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Crelos consult in organisational development and change. Our consultants use the best proven and scientific research regarding how and why people react and behave as they do to design bespoke solutions that effect change.

These news items show how we work in partnership with clients to understand their strategic business agendas and develop solutions that achieve improved business performance. 

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Value across the board

January 2010 - Talent Management Review magazine

Ali Gill looks at whether the recent Walker review will make a significant impact on improving corporate governance - not just in the financial industry but in all sectors.

Costain sets the pace with its Project Management Academy

December 2009 - Project Management Today

Resourcing high performance Project Managers represents a significant talent management challenge for organisations such as Costain that seek to deliver excellence. Finding such talent outside of the industry is tough and Costain decided to look within, to grow their own talent, designing and delivering their own award winning project management academy. Crelos successfully helped create the link between recruitment, assessment, development and business outcomes, enabling Costain to continue deliver excellence for their customers.

RBS: Bitting the hand that feeds

December 2009 - The Guardian

In a letter to the Guardian, Ali Gill, Crelos and Mannie Sher, Tavistock Institute of human relations explain that the focus on restricting bonuses in an attempt to regulate bankers' behaviour is a complete red herring. They believe a structure should be established to ensure dialogue between shareholders, bankers and the general public. It is a failure to communicate acceptable boundaries that leads to deviant behaviour. Experience has shown that regulation without dialogue only serves to encourage those responsible for risk-taking to find ways around obstacles.

The Walker review - what it means for HR

December 2009 - Personnel Today

Ali Gill, chief executive of people change business Crelos, was consulted by Walker about the review. She says his recommendation about the mix of experience on boards will create opportunities for psychologists and social scientists, as well as HR professionals. "He is acknowledging that diversity in the boardroom is important." At present, she says that appointments still tend to depend on 'the old-boy network' rather than the qualities and experience best suited to the job...

Building a model project manager

December 2009 - HR magazine

Costain's project management academy was set up to span nine career stages. But its first step was to build up a model of what a 'good' project manager looks like...

Showing 6-10 articles of 46

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Libby Ferguson, Associate

'It's easy to define exceptional performance in competitive sports. Numbers help: time taken; position you finished; goals you scored. It's much more difficult in organisations. We constantly draw on sports experience to illuminate business problems so we use numbers to help understand what ' good', 'better' and 'best' are, then deliver programmes that make them real.'

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