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Crelos consult in organisational development and change. Our consultants use the best proven and scientific research regarding how and why people react and behave as they do to design bespoke solutions that effect change.

These news items show how we work in partnership with clients to understand their strategic business agendas and develop solutions that achieve improved business performance. 

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How to keep outgoing employees happy

August 2009 - Personnel Today

Many employees are extremely loyal to their company, and for some this can be formed or cemented at the point of exit. In a market where today’s redundant staff may be tomorrow’s talent, employers should be mindful to strengthen, rather than damage, employee loyalty during redundancy. Ali Gill gives advice on how to keep outgoing employees happy.

Can postponing maternity leave be justified?

July 2009 - HR magazine

The Government’s announcement to postpone the new maternity leave proposal could be perceived negatively by employees across the UK, especially as the news is delivered in the middle of a recession. Ali Gill explains, however, how employers who engage regularly with their staff and have well established communication channels will not find it difficult to address.

Subtle art of managing the boss

May 2009 - The Times

This article explores why making senior executives aware of your contribution will improve your chances of promotion.

The seven secrets behind great teaching

May 2009 - TES Magazine

The TESmagazine teamed up with business psychologists Crelos to analyse the personalities, motivations and behaviour of 15 award-winning teachers to uncover the seven habits that make them successful in the classroom.

How to maximise your employee wellbeing

May 2009 - The Times

This article explores the role of organisations and the influence they can have on the wellbeing of employees, as well as the link between physical and mental wellbeing and increased commitment.

Showing 21-25 articles of 46

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Libby Ferguson, Associate

'It's easy to define exceptional performance in competitive sports. Numbers help: time taken; position you finished; goals you scored. It's much more difficult in organisations. We constantly draw on sports experience to illuminate business problems so we use numbers to help understand what ' good', 'better' and 'best' are, then deliver programmes that make them real.'

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