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Crelos consult in organisational development and change. Our consultants use the best proven and scientific research regarding how and why people react and behave as they do to design bespoke solutions that effect change.

These news items show how we work in partnership with clients to understand their strategic business agendas and develop solutions that achieve improved business performance. 

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How to... manage change effectively

January 2009 - The Times

The Times explores the problems and pitfalls associated with companies going through a transition and includes comment by Steve Bicknell.

Tis the season to be frugal

November 2008 - The Guardian

There are plenty of ways to cut costs without calling off your office bash this Christmas. But, as Ali Gill warns, don't underestimate the power and significance of the office Christmas party.

Help redundant staff start again

November 2008 - The Sunday Times

With the current wave of organisational restructure and downsizing, The Sunday Times explores how companies today are choosing to support their employees as they exit. Steve Bicknell comments on the opportunities for personal and professional growth that such a situation can offer to those being made redundant - and how important it is to communicate positively and effectively with both those that leave, and those that remain.

One in six employees would not dream of asking for a payrise

October 2008 - Employee Engagement Today

Latest research reveals that few of us would ask for a payrise and highlights the influence of age and sex on our comfort at doing this.

Simply the best

October 2008 - Training and Coaching Today

Coaching high performers is quite a challenge - and one that has got harder now the economic chips are down. Ali Gill talks about to Training and Coaching Today.

Showing 31-35 articles of 46

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Steve Bicknell, Co-founder and Head Honcho

'There are many ways to change businesses, from reorganising, buying a new CRM to starting new product lines. These are required, not sufficient, causes of successful change. The key issue is people. Will they alter attitudes and behaviour to drive the change through? This is one of the most challenging and enjoyable issues we work on.'

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