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Opportunities to grow.

We combine the excitement of a start-up with the security of an established organisation. New staff will refine - at times invent - our business solutions. This offers exciting and rewarding career progression and learning opportunities that would take years to build up elsewhere. We give you early exposure to our impressive household name clients where you can make a visible difference. We invest heavily in employees' development. The sky's the limit - you choose the pace. You start from a tailored development-focused induction plan, then we work with you to map out your development requirements. We value knowledge and skills. We search for people who have their own unique blend but we try to ensure that they change and grow to match a rapidly changing world.


We walk the talk on having a work-life balance. When we work we work...and how! When we stop working we have a life. In the office we don't stand on our dignity; we talk to each other. We offer a competitive reward package including a generous salary, bonus/commission plan, private medical insurance, 26 days holiday per annum, flexible benefits and working opportunities.


We like straight talking. We also like people who are quality focused - our business grows by referral so delivering things that work matters to us. We need people who think. We're a knowledge business and new ideas are our currency.


Our offices are based in the beautiful Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, a town steeped in history and great for outdoor living. We have a relaxed approach to working from home.

Steve Bicknell, Co-founder and Head Honcho

'There are many ways to change businesses, from reorganising, buying a new CRM to starting new product lines. These are required, not sufficient, causes of successful change. The key issue is people. Will they alter attitudes and behaviour to drive the change through? This is one of the most challenging and enjoyable issues we work on.'

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