Non-Executive Director Development delivers a new breed of NED

The Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Certificate is a formally accredited, level 7, post graduate qualification, for new and existing non-executive directors.  It has been designed to equip non-executives for the specific requirements of the role and assist them to carry out their duties successfully for their own benefit and to increase long term value for the companies whose boards they sit on.  Based on the UK Corporate Governance Code and built upon the principles it contains, the Certificate covers all aspects of running a company successfully and the important role a good non-executive director can play in helping to maximise value and ensure long term sustainability.
Ali Gill has been delivering on the programme since its inception and now in its seventh run is researching, with Alana Inness and collaborators from the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Club, the behavioural development of over 100 current and future NEDs.  The project will be exploring which behaviours the seven cohorts have been focussing their development on, why they have chosen to explore these areas and the progress they have made during the programme.
We are currently in the early stages of analysing the results but watch this space over the next few months for the announcement of the publication of this exciting investigation in a new area of board leadership research.  The preliminary findings suggest some interesting patterns about how Non-Executive Directors have previously viewed their role in meetings and how they take further responsibility for challenging information provided and the decisions made by the board.
Alana Inness

Consultant, Crelos