Crelos April 2011 Newsletter

Crelos Newsletter

April 2011

Welcome to the Crelos regular update

In this edition of the newsletter, we publish the first article in the Crelos Change Mastery Series.

Interviews with ten senior executives with responsibility for strategic change across a range of industry sectors provide their views on changing the way that organisations think about change. Their collective experiences indicate that there is a need for us to rethink how organisations think about and lead change. Written from the perspective of exploring the concept of change fatigue, author Elisabeth Ferguson, explores the paradoxes of running business as usual whilst also managing change, starting change that never finishes and the perceived joys (and sorrows) of reinventing oneself within the concept of a changing organisation.

In the words of Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, “we are living in a world in which we face unprecedented change, the challenges of which go way beyond that of recovering from the financial crisis. We are faced with a world in which climate will change, water will be scarce and food supplies will be insecure” and yet millions of people from places like Indonesia, India and China will aspire to the lifestyles that we in the West have enjoyed for years.

For businesses to become part of the solution not the cause of future crisis we must all face up to our responsibility to educate, role model and develop others to think differently and deal differently with leading and managing change. At Crelos, we see our role as providing a different perspective on organisational change. Change managers of the future must be sophisticated in matters to do with culture and collaboration, and be prepared to sit alongside leaders being brave and honest in their views about how change works.

If you have something to contribute to the Crelos Change Mastery Series by way of experiences you’d be prepared to share or problems you’d like to discuss please contact us and join the debate.

Ali Gill
CEO, Crelos Ltd

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Shaping our current thinking

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Shaping our current thinking

Change fatigue: myth or reality?

In this, the first article of the Crelos Change Mastery Series, Elizabeth Ferguson explores the concept of ‘change fatigue’. We live in a time when change has become a constant part of UK plc. If change is a constant to what extent is change fatigue evident too?

Crelos have supported business leaders across a range of strategic change challenges including M&A, business turnaround, organisational restructuring, cultural change and operational efficiency drives. This experience, together with interviews conducted with ten senior executives with responsibility for strategic change, has enabled us to develop this research.

The research demonstrates that the way that change is managed has a direct impact on the extent to which change fatigue takes a hold. With the pace of change set to continue, we examine what leaders, managers, HR and consultants should be doing to minimise the effects on their organisations.

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Elizabeth Ferguson
Client Director, Crelos Ltd

Why change fails

Shelley Hood, Founder, Cataliz Consulting will be presenting a model of introducing Change in a Public Sector utility at the next Crelos Change Mastery Series event on 16th June.

The list of reasons why technology investments fail can be a long one - in this article, Shelley explores some of the reasons that she has seen first-hand.

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Shelley Hood
Founder, Cataliz Consulting

In Practice

Beneath the boardroom gender agenda

On 8th March, Crelos, held an event to commemorate the centenary year of International Women's Day, where we looked at the biggest change challenges facing women. Lord Davies has set FTSE 100 employers a voluntary quota to boost the number of women on boards to 25% by 2015, in his government-commissioned report. In this article, Ali Gill, CEO, explores the psychological reasons why women aren’t on boards.

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Ali Gill
CEO, Crelos Ltd


Crelos hold regular events on various organisational change related topics.

The Crelos Change Mastery Series - Globalisation
16th June 2011, 28 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LY

What does globalisation really mean, why does it matter and what must we really do to prepare? Join us to share, learn and develop insights on three approaches to global change management.

Speakers include Peter Taylor, Chief of Staff - Global Finance & CTSO Global Functions, HSBC sharing his experience of globalising the worlds largest finance function; Shelley Hood, Founder Cataliz Consulting, Presenting a model of introducing Change in a public sector utility; and Ali Gill, CEO, introducing Crelos’ new approach to delivering superior solutions through cultural change, a response to the increasing phenomenon of ‘cognitive outsourcing’.

To book your place at this free event, please email Places are limited.

The Crelos Change Mastery Series - a date for your diary
22nd September 2011, 28 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LY

Our September event will focus on the role of networking and identity in leading change. Book mark the date in your diary. We will send invitations and further details in June. Please contact to reserve your place.

Making More of Coaching Teams - a certification in team coaching

Crelos are launching a certification in coaching teams. This innovative programme is for experienced executive coaches and team leaders who need to develop the confidence, competence, creativity and rigour to coach teams. Interested in finding out more? Email: or call Tel: 01491 845522

Did you know?

Learning and development is becoming more integrated to play a greater role in driving organisational change, according to the latest CIPD Learning and Talent Development Survey of 600 organisations:

  • 47% of respondents identified a greater integration between coaching, organisational development and performance management as the key development in their L&D function in the next two years.
  • Organisational development and change management activities will be high up on the agenda for the next 12 months, with 43 per cent of respondents stating it is set to be one of the top three activities L&D specialists will spend most of their time on.
  • Meanwhile, one of the most common skills gaps identified was leading and managing change, cited by 55% of respondents.

How do you spot the symptoms of change fatigue? According to this recent article, from the Communications Executive Council from the employee’s perspective, significant organizational change can be exhausting, nerve-wracking and productivity sapping. In the last 6 months (CLC Building Engagement Capital, 2010):

  • 82% of employees experienced significant change at their organization.
  • 66% of employees anticipated additional change in the next six months.
  • What is more, in Q4 2010 discretionary effort was 11.6% lower compared to the same period in 2009.