Crelos December 2011 Newsletter

Crelos Newsletter

December 2011

Welcome to the Crelos Christmas Quarterly

As I race towards the end of another year, I have taken a moment to reflect on the array of stimulating work that Crelos has delivered this year. The list is striking for two reasons; firstly I see a substantial increase in business leaders who make a clear and coherent link between attitude, behaviour and the delivery of strategic business imperatives and secondly, a refreshing will to think and do things differently to achieve growth while the economy is shrinking.

When faced with complexity and chaos, fresh and clear thinking is not always easy but in a perverse way that is the pleasure of it. As humans we sometimes shy away from the challenge of thinking it through, preferring instead to look around and see what we can copy from others that might just do the trick. But when we do so, in our heart of hearts, we know we’ve cheated ourselves. As Marcus Aurelius said, “Your life is what your thoughts make it”.

There is no doubt that there are plenty of interesting and difficult challenges that demand the quality of our thinking and require us to do things very differently. This year I have been privileged to be invited to a number of Think Tanks with those who have chosen to consciously grapple with how we create a prosperous but principled society. It is interesting that there is currently strong interest in principles, ethics and societal contribution because these themes often go out of the window in times of crisis. Through these events I find myself conscious of the grip that economics has on the business world. The notion of a rational individual who makes decisions consciously, consistently and independently is, at best, a very partial account of who we are. Science is now telling us what most of us already know in an intuitive sense – humans are fundamentally a social species; social means we are programmed to work in groups. In a globalising world, our knowledge of what drives groups (large and small) is more important now than it ever was. Science can provide helpful knowledge but it cannot tell us what to do with this knowledge; it is up to us to shape our lives accordingly and this requires greater awareness of the theories of human nature and the practicalities of maximising group performance.

I hope all of you, both customers and colleagues, might like to help with my New Year’s resolution of making 2012 'The Year of Excellence in Collective Thinking’. As a society, we need to be much more skilled at harnessing diversity of thought to solve business dilemmas, let alone those of our country or the world. Group process and behaviour makes a substantial difference to the degree to which groups, both large and small, can leverage their collective thinking power to achieve game changing strategies. This is what is needed to reshape our economy and achieve growth.

Anyway, more of this in 2012. Thank you for working with and associating with us, happy Xmas, happy festive season and, most importantly, have a productive and thoughtful New Year.

Ali Gill
CEO, Crelos Ltd

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Shaping our current thinking

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Shaping our current thinking

Towards a Socioanalysis of Money, Finance and Capitalism: Beneath the Surface of the Financial Industry

The current global financial crisis has raised awareness of the impact the world of finance has on the economy and the future of democracy. Following the crisis, this book "Towards a Socioanalysis of Money, Finance and Capitalism" aims at a deep understanding of the human psycho-social dynamics beneath the surface of the financial industry, its markets and institutions. It seeks to understand why the seemingly rational world of economic behaviour, with its calculated models and predictions, at times goes horribly wrong.

Ali Gill and Mannie Sher, Principal Researches/Consultant at The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations have written a chapter in the book entitled "Inside the minds of the money minders: deciphering reflections on money, behaviour and leadership in the financial crisis of 2007-2010".

In Practice

Ringing in the Changes

2011 has been the year for recognising the power of individuals and groups for bringing about systemic change. In this article Elizabeth Ferguson reflects on the past year, looking back at both turbulent worldwide events and the stimulating work that Crelos has delivered, partnering business leaders to provide guidance on the execution of complex business challenges.

Elizabeth also takes a look forward to 2012, where there can be no doubt that times are difficult and will remain so for some time. We believe that recovery will require the utilisation of both brain power and the inner resourcefulness of leaders and talented individuals in business, politics and other walks of life. As such, we move in to 2012 with optimism that Crelos is well placed to support and drive this process.

Read the full article

Elizabeth Ferguson
Client Director, Crelos Ltd


Crelos hold regular events on various organisational change related topics.

The Dark Art of Change Leadership 26th January 2012 at 28 Portland Place, London, W1B 1LY

Join us at the next event in the Crelos Change Mastery Series to share, learn and develop insights on the secrets of change leadership. Speakers from two market leading organisations will share their experience of leading change. Delwar Kang, Programme Director, EDF Energy will be talking about the change management challenges he faces during 'Evolution to Devolution'; and Bridget Connell, Programme Director, O2 Telefonica, will be focusing on 'Being Brilliant at Change to seize the Digital Opportunity'.

Please contact to book your place at this free event. Timings: 4pm - 7.30 pm, including drinks reception.

Did you know?

  • In the UK, the official definition of a 'White Christmas' is when a single snowflake hits the roof of the Met Office Weather Centre in the 24 hours of 25th December.
  • The Royal Christmas Message began in 1932 with King George V speaking via radio. The first message to be televised was made by Queen Elizabeth II in 1957.
  • To cope with the huge demand for Christmas trees every year, 50-60 million trees are produced Europe. The UK is now self sufficient in Christmas tress.
  • In the 17th century Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas pudding, mince pies and anything to do with gluttony. That law has never been rescinded so mince pies are illegal in England on Christmas day. But nip across the border into Wales or Scotland, and you can tuck into this festive treat to your heart's content.
  • 1 in 3 men will wait until Christmas Eve to finish their shopping and 1 in 6 would like to get rid of all the "gift-giving nonsense."
  • People love their pets - 7 out of 10 dogs will receive a present at Christmas in the UK.
  • If you received all of the gifts listed in "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song, you would receive 364 presents.