Crelos March 2012 Newsletter


March 2012


Welcome to the Crelos regular update

Being brilliant at change starts with uncovering the (often) unconscious beliefs that are holding our businesses back - once articulated the creative process of finding solutions that re-shape or reframe these beliefs can begin. This week I received a request for information about how many women I know that could fulfil board level positions. This request came in support of European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding who aims to create a list of 3,500 board ready women - the number of women needed for there to be 30% of women on boards by 2015. When delivered, this will be the start of challenging the widely held belief that there are insufficient numbers of suitably qualified women to sit on boards.

The next, unspoken if not unconscious belief in the diversity debate that needs airing is that better balanced boards are the holy grail of better run businesses. In truth, in the words of Helena Morrisey - founder of the 30% Club “business culture will need somewhat of a revolution to avoid the problems of the past and better balanced boards are just one aspect of that revolution”. Watching the Levinson Inquiry makes one realise that the size of the challenge for some industries will be greater than for others.

In this newsletter we explore the changing world of private equity - the evolution of a different breed; we provide a review of the learning and insights gleaned from our change mastery event - The Dark Art of Change Leadership with examples of what works from EDF Energy and O2.

At Crelos, we see our role as providing a different perspective on organisational change. We aim to support leaders to solve some of their most complex and challenging business issues by combining the wisdom of science with a healthy dose of pragmatism gleaned from working with the realities of delivering change.

Ali Gill
CEO, Crelos Ltd

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Shaping our current thinking

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Shaping our current thinking


The Dark Art of Change Leadership

The latest event in the Crelos Change Mastery Series on the 26th January gave us two different approaches to managing change in the fast paced environments of EDF Energy and O2 Telefonica.

Read the full article by Alana Inness



In Practice


All change for Private Equity?

We all rely on the venture capital and private equity sector to provide funding to SMEs which provide the majority of the UK workforce with their employment. So what is shaping the future for these industries in 2012 and beyond?

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Game changing non-executive director development

We have been working with the FT Non-Executive Directors Club to design and deliver a certificate for non-executive directors, current and aspiring, challenging their beliefs around behaviour affecting outcomes from the boardroom.

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Crelos hold regular events on various organisational change related topics.

International Regulation: a Change Challenge for Professional Services

The next event in the Crelos Change Mastery Series Event will focus on the role of International Regulation and it's impact on the Professional Services Industry. Speakers from within the industry will be discussing the impact of the regulation and Crelos' Elizabeth Ferguson will be discussing her current research as she hopes to test, challenge and build upon our and others' experience of dealing with professional service firms to inform and progress our thinking in this area.

Please contact for more information.



Did you know?


“Change Management is a very difficult skill to master. It’s easy to get up and give a speech or go to a seminar or put out a memo, but basically leading change is a day-to-day activity that takes a lot of work, a lot of energy.” Brian E Becker, Mark A Huselid and David Ulrich Co-Authors “The HR Scorecard: Linking people, strategy and performance” (Harvard Business School Press, 2001).

“If you can put in a culture that knows change is inevitable and an opportunity, not a threat, then I think you have the potential to have a company that can grow to a very large size.” Fred Smith, CEO and Founder Federal Express.

“Change is not something you do by memos. You have got to involve people’s bodies and souls if you want your change effect to work” Lou Gerstner, Former CEO, IBM.


“When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us” Alexander Graham Bell.