Ultra-high performing women: lessons from sport for business?

In the glorious 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics, female athletes won 86 medals for Team GB, 46% of the total. Yet in business, women make up just 19% of directors in FTSE 100 companies. So something is going right for women in sport that isn’t happening in business.

In an inspiring series of three workshops based on the latest research and newest thinking, we will probe the structural, psychological and cultural factors that promote the highest levels of performance in women and reveal the most effective techniques from sport, business and psychology to take more women to the top. The topics tackled will include: competition, collaboration and conflict; motivation and drive; building resilience; practical techniques for enhanced performance; and accelerating diversity.

Chaired by triple Olympian Ali Gill, the workshops will feature a team of trailblazing speakers including gold medal winning rowers Katherine Grainger and Cath Bishop, British triathlete and four time World Ironman Champion Chrissie Wellington, and Kate Richardson-Walsh, field hockey captain for GB - with others still to be added to this elite line-up! These are women who’ve reached the top of the sporting pyramid, and critically, they also represent a broad range of experience in business and other arenas such as politics, diplomacy and negotiation. Using an energising, interactive format they will share their insights into how successful performance raising methods from sport can be transferred into the business world.

Collaboration, Conflict and Confidence: How to drive performance in a competitive environment by Katherine Grainger & Cath Bishop

In the first workshop on Tuesday, 13th May, Olympic medal-winning rowers Katherine Grainger and Cath Bishop will share their personal stories to explore how to manage complex relationships in a competitive or conflict-affected environment. They will offer tips and techniques from sports psychology and unique insights from international negotiations in war zones and diplomatic hotspots. Whether in sport, business or diplomacy, it is critical to establish a shared clarity of purpose alongside frameworks that facilitate trust and constructive challenge. Developing clear collective goals to which everyone is committed enhances your chances of success, even when you are working in an uncertain context, dealing with contentious issues and less than perfect outcomes. It’s also fine if things sometimes go wrong: that’s when the learning really happens, as every high performer knows!

The workshops are jointly run by Crelos and Meyler Campbell, provider of high quality training in coaching for senior business people. For your diary, the dates of the further workshops will be 10th July and 9th September. All three workshops will be held in a West End location, from 4pm to 6pm followed by a drinks reception until 7pm. The booking fee per workshop is £175 plus VAT. Places are limited, so please call the Meyler Campbell office on 020 8460 4790 to reserve your place.