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Autumn 2008


Welcome to the Crelos regular update

If you ask most people whether they have suffered from mental illness they'd say no, but if you ask them if they've ever felt really sad or unable to cope most people would relate to that. Like physical health, there is a continuum of mental health.

So I start this newsletter with the basic question about what is the mental equivalent of 5-a-day? What can we do in our organisations to encourage acceptance that mental health is a continuum from the unpleasantness of feeling sad to the intensity of complete mental breakdown, which good or poor organisational practice, can impact positively or otherwise.

Knowledge-based organisations depend on brainpower to succeed so we have a compelling need to create roles and organisations where the mental "5-a-day" equivalent are embedded.

Our vision here at Crelos is to apply psychology precisely to help organisations change and adapt. A mental "5-a-day" equivalent is just a start.

Ali Gill

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Thinking Aloud


Talent Management for future business fit

Throughout our work with clients, and from conversations within Crelos. I've realised that "talent management" is a much-used but rarely defined term. It's led us to ask two quite fundamental questions:

1. What is talent and, is it just one thing, irrespective of time, place, industry and other situational factors?
2. How should we transform "talent management" to get the best results in rapidly changing economies?

Having worked through this, we put a stake in the ground and created a paper that gathered our thinking and circulated to a group of our clients. Over lunch we then debated and discussed the subject in September, and have now updated the paper to include their observations. We thank them for helping to shape this ongoing debate.

We welcome your comments so please do contact me.




Client Community


Building project management for the future at Costain

The construction industry faces a real talent challenge. Whilst migrant workers may be able to contribute to filling the general skills gap, the project management skill set is unlikely to come from this source. Adopting an Academy approach and designing a Project Management Academy, Costain have ensured that they are able to both define excellence in this area and plan for the learning and change that needs to happen.

Please click here for the full story.




Shaping our current thinking.

During the Summer Crelos successfully pitched for and won an exciting contract with CfBT Education Trust (Centre for British Teachers), a not-for-profit education consultancy and service organisation. CfBT is the managing contractor of the Young Gifted & Talented programme on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families, a national programme dedicated to providing opportunities, within and beyond the classroom, for gifted and talented children and young people aged 4 to 19.

Crelos is involved in the design and quality assurance of the Progression Academies which is one of the eight core elements of the City Challenge Gifted And Talented Education Strand City GATES. The aim of City GATES is to achieve a significant measurable improvement in progression to higher education by gifted and talented learners from the three City Challenge areas: London, the Black Country and Greater Manchester.

Although we have little experience of working with school-aged learners, our expertise in using precision psychology to design bespoke learning events makes this work right up our street and we've included local teachers and education experts in our design team. We're transferring our understanding of the behaviours required for high performance and applying it to young learners, supporting them as they develop the behaviours needed to do well in their exams, progress on to the most competitive universities and eventually to fulfilling and rewarding careers.

To date, we have designed the first two Progression Academy workshops, delivered Train the Trainer Events and been involved in the delivery of the first Progression Academy pilot. We're encouraged by the feedback from learners, teachers and tutors and are in the process of fine-tuning the content to ensure an even more positive response once roll-out commences in November.

We'll keep you up-to-date with this exciting project but, if you would like to know more about this programme, please contact Libby Henshilwood on 07795 232414.




Shaping our current thinking


Facing the talent dilemma

As part of our Talent Directors "Thinking Aloud" network, we'll be hosting a further discussion in December, turning our focus to those talent dilemmas facing us. We'll report on our debate in the next newsletter.



Crelos High Potential Research

Dan Redland, a Consultant with Crelos is leading our research to build on the Schroder High Performance Framework. This research aims to better understand the characteristics that lead to a person to fast-track into a senior role and to be one that is deemed to have high potential. By doing this, Crelos will create a validated model of High Potential based on these characteristics. This will allow us to create High Potential Indices which will reliably score a person's fit to that model. Armed with this information, we expect that organisations will then be able to make human capital investments that will create a sustained leadership pipeline in the future. For more information about the research, or to take part, contact Dan Redland.





The Meyler Campbell Annual Lecture 12 November

Once again, we are pleased to sponsor the Meyler Campbell Annual Lecture. This year, Meyler Campbell has invited Paul Babiak, the world's leading expert on the practical business aspects of psychopathy. He'll raise our awareness so at least we are on full alert. In two separate half-day workshops the following day, he will share with HR specialists and business coaches respectively, current best practice and what to do about it.

The Annual Lecture will take place on Wednesday 12 November at 5:45pm until 7:30pm including the drinks reception hosted by Crelos. It'll be held at a central London location and for more information and details how to book please visit the Meyler Campbell website.




Crelos News


A new face in the Crelos team

Peter Sanders joins us as a Business Development Adviser to support our focus on the Private Equity & Venture Capital ("PE&VC") markets. He'll be working alongside our consulting and client relationship teams helping us to develop and articulate our approach to these markets. With change and restructure a common feature of the 20% or so businesses in the UK that are owned by PE&VC Funds, the importance of delivering the change programme effectively - and within the necessary timescale - is heightened. PE&VC funds have been involved in well over 50% of UK M&A and we hope to find a role advising on the pre deal assessment and development plans for key management. Peter brings both the extensive experience of growing and developing businesses as well as a strong commitment to the value of executive coaching.



Did you know?



That O2 have been able to directly track more than 60million revenue to the adoption and use of the Creating Client Value competency model and the O2 Way a definition of best practice a and standards for sales people? Read the full article here.

that latest research highlights the impact a leader has on the brain chemistry of their followers? So much that followers actually mirror their leader. Demonstrating again, claim Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis, the importance of social and emotional intelligence.

that research from McKinsey shows that there is a strong correlation between the success of a change programs and the degree of involvement of the CEO or the relevant business unit leader.