Recipe for Change

Having a common purpose and focus is core to the success of any group or organisation, yet finding that common purpose and more importantly keeping it front of mind requires real skill especially in a fast paced dynamic business environment where change and adaptation is critical to success.

Most organisations, in fact most leaders struggle with this.

When organisations undertake a large and expensive project they (rightfully) turn to others for guidance on what works and what doesn't. They adopt methodologies and best practices to mitigate the risk of the unknown. The implication is that the success of others can be captured in one recipe. It can't.

Even where most organisational characteristics can be almost identical, the road to success can look very different.

Take the example of a disruptive technology project being introduced in a public organisation vs. a private one: one group of employees chose their career for job stability, a decent wage and a predictable future. Their identity - both inside and outside of work, is very tightly connected to the job they do and the role that they're in. The other group joined their company for opportunities, are always looking to expand their resume, and start looking for their next role before the chair is warm in their current one.

If all other attributes were the same - same technology, same budget, same time-frame and same organisational size the differences in implementation approach would be far greater than any similarities. One group would see the technology as a massive threat, while the other would see it as an incredible opportunity to stay on the leading edge.

You wouldn't be able to apply one theoretical model to both of those situations.

There is no replacing judgment and experience to apply the best of what others have learned to your very specific context. Whether it be team size, budget, geographical location, corporate structure or demographic profile each and every project situation is unique. There is no recipe that is 100% transferable from one project to the next.

Each organisation needs to learn how to combine the unique characteristics of their project with the lessons learned from others to create their own project recipe. This is the beauty of Duke CE’s approach – leveraging best practice - always through a learning lens - to deliver unique and differentiated programmes that accelerate change. Crelos are proud to have played a part in the Duke CE Team’s continued success.