Why Progression Skills?

How will trainig help me?

This training will give teachers and mentors the skills and techniques necessary to deliver Progression Skills Modules in their schools, ensuring that learning outcomes are maximised for pupils.

Teachers and mentors will learn techniques to:

Attending training will help to complement provisions around PHSE, PLTS, Learn2Learn, SEAL

Who can participate in training?

If you’d like to take part but don’t fall into the categories above, just contact Crelos at training@crelos.com to see if Teacher Support Training is right for you.

Is this what pupils really want or need?

4,000 learners across London, Manchester and the Midlands have participated in a Progression Academy workshop. 96% of all attendees said they thought it was a worthwhile event and 93% would recommend it to a friend.

Learners have had this to say after attending a Progression Academy workshop: “(What I liked most was..) understanding myself better, learning a lot about my personality and why I think the way I do.”

“It helps you to decide what you want in the future, it helps you decide how to plan for the goals that you wish to achieve.”

“I feel more motivated and better set on what I want”

“Learnt who I am and what I can be and achieve, learnt how to reach my goals and what to do in life.”

“(I’m looking forward to future events) because when you set a goal you're always 10% further than everyone else.”

How do I sign up?

Visit Crelos Progression skills to submit your details and interest in participating. A member of the training team will respond within 24 hours

Alternatively, call 01562 821 723 and a member of the training team will be happy to take your details and register you onto an upcoming course

A number of training events have been scheduled throughout England starting May and through to July. To view the current calendar of events and locations and a training timetable, visit Progression skills. Additional events may be scheduled but will be based upon registered interest.

If you have any queries, please email training@crelos.com and a training team member will be in touch.

This opportunity is FREE OF CHARGE until the end of July so book now to secure your place!