Talent Strategy and Investment Director Development

In recent years Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE&VC) has become an important tool for driving growth and improving performance at hundreds of businesses worldwide. Research has showed that:

  • Nearly three-quarters of the productivity growth at PE-owned businesses is due to more effective management of existing facilities¹, and that
  • PE–owned businesses are better managed than those with other ownership structures and are particularly strong at operational management practices²


To deliver superior returns, PE investors transform the businesses they acquire over time and substantially improve their performance – Winning PE strategies rest on fundamental business improvements.

In addition to time, energy, and capital, PE investors focus on talent to improve the business’ long term performance and prospects. The value of a PE firm lies in the capabilities of its investment directors. How each investment director acts becomes synonymous with the external brand and reputation of the firm.


Our unique services

At Crelos, we have a thorough understanding of the PE&VC markets and as a result have designed services for firms which have decided that investment in developing their human capital will be a source of competitive advantage.


We offer a confidential executive coaching service and talent development programmes that have been designed to engage, inspire and accelerate the leadership capability of the best investment directors.

  • Coaching service: Our methodology combines:
    • A pragmatic business approach
    • Sensitivity to the individual’s needs and issues
    • Industry expertise
    • Personal experience in the challenges management are facing
    • Well respected coaching qualifications and models, and
    • A comprehensive network of contacts in the industry

    By using an innovative and often challenging environment we help generate new ideas and perspectives and give them the tools to develop, flourish and substantially enhance their performance.

  • Development programmes: We support PE&VC investment directors with tailor made talent development programmes to accelerate their leadership capability. We base our development recommendations on strong and accurate assessment of each individual and as a result provide a unique and personalised set of recommendations and tailored support. We make sure that our clients understand how the training we deliver will help them have a direct impact on their organisation’s performance.


¹The Global Impact of Private Equity Report 2009, “Private Equity, Jobs and Productivity,” Word Economic Forum, January 2009

²The Global Impact of Private Equity Report 2009 “Do Private Equity Firms Have Better Management Practices,” World Economic Forum, January 2009



Ali Gill CEO and Client Director for the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector

'80% of the 1,000 plus VC-backed firms in the UK are still loss making, and 25% have no revenues. The financial crisis and historic under performance have caused investment in UK VC funds to dry up and the chief contributor to poor performance is, to one degree or another, the failure of the management teams of portfolio businesses.'

Peter Sanders Client Director for the Private Equity and Venture Capital sector