Banking and Finance Sectors

The financial sector is going through one of the biggest turmoils ever experienced. The sector is seeing record levels of mergers, acquisitions and re-structures. Whilst some banks are struggling to remain private, others have already lost the battle.

This is translating into steep increases in CEO turnover. Indeed, over 57 percent of the new CEOs that took office in 2008 were insiders mentored by outgoing CEOs, who left the top office to take up the Chairman role. Coaching therefore has a prominent role to play.

Future leaders will need to reconcile an increased regulations with the need to deliver innovative and increasingly tailored solutions, whilst restoring client trust and confidence in their organisation and the sector as whole.


Our clients

Crelos are well established in the banking and finance market. We have partnered with industry leaders such as ABN Amro, Aon, Barclays, Hiscox, HSBC, Kleinwort Benson Private Banking, Lloyds TSB, Portman, RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and Zurich Financial Services.



Our dedicated services

Crelos’ deep understanding of the financial sector and the profile of the people who work in it has resulted in the creation of dedicated services:

  • Board Room Services such as Board assessment, team facilitation and executive coaching
  • Turnaround and transformation - Management team due diligence to assess the current capabilities and future potential of management teams prior to, or following investing or re-structuring
  • A unique MBO team service that combines coaching and facilitation of the MBO team throughout the process from idea initiation to deal completion
  • Attraction and retention strategies



Customer benefits

Crelos partners with businesses to help them ‘shape up’ for the future by understanding what their business plans mean for their people, and how to make sure that their people resource is up to the challenge. Over the years, we have helped clients:

  • Turnaround their financial situation
  • Prepare for effective mergers, divestments or acquisitions
  • Deliver successful change programmes
Ali Gill CEO and Client Director for the Finance and Banking sectors

'The need for identifying the right senior executives has become increasingly recognised. It is no surprise that the FSA has recently taken an increasingly hands-on approach in vetting executives and directors of large financial institutions. These industry changes also present a one-off opportunity for CEOs to assess their management teams with a view of ensuring that they are ready and able to take on the next set of challenges.'