Construction Sector

Attracting and retaining the right talent is intrinsic to the construction sector. Skills shortages and management development (particularly at middle management levels) are increasingly crucial issues in the sector, after safety.

So is team-working. Construction teams are virtually unique. They draw people from multiple organisations, throw them together onsite with little opportunity to build relationships and require them to perform immensely complex tasks as a unit.

Our clients

Crelos are well established in the construction market. We have partnered with industry leaders such as Carillion, Costain, Enterprise and Ringway and helped them deliver organisational change so as to face forever demanding challenges.

Our dedicated services

Crelos’ deep understanding of the construction sector and the profile of the people who work in it has resulted in us being able to create dedicated services to help businesses:
  • Identify and grow their own talent
  • Retain critical skills by designing and delivering training and development such as learning academies
  • Retain talent and ensure an adequate pipeline, especially with companies that need to prepare for an up turn in business post recession
  • Increase employee engagement in difficult times
  • Assess their managers and leaders and help them develop to best deliver the company's challenges, using executive development services, including coaching
  • Integrate new people into their culture and values following acquisitions

Customer benefits

Crelos partners with businesses to help them ‘shape up’ for the future by understanding what their business plans mean for their people, and how to make sure that their people resource is up to the challenge. Over the years, we have helped clients:
  • Turnaround their financial situation by enhancing the management control of the business and by underpinning the investors’ decision making
  • Deliver their change programmes
  • Successfully create the link between recruitment, assessment, development and business benefits

“They have proved their ability in delivering a large scale roll out of a strategic development programme under demanding time pressures and have further cemented their position as one of Carillion's key training partners”.

Nick Chammings, Carillion