Public sector and Education

Public Sector

Over the years, Crelos have worked with leaders in central and local governments such as the Defence Leadership Academy, DVLA, Home Office Sunderland City Council, Yorkshire Forward and the Youth Sport Trust.

Crelos understand well the huge changes going on in the sector at the moment and the repercussions on people such as re-structuring, drive for efficiency and the resultant changes to skill sets and behaviours that are required.

We are dedicated to helping the government and other public service organisations to solve their most complex challenges through focussing on their people.

Crelos Education

Crelos has a pool of 25 highly skilled tutors specifically focussed on the delivery of programmes to young people, teachers and mentors within the Education sector. We draw upon our years of organisational consultancy experience in business and utilise the latest and best in behavioural change methodology, management development and talent management approaches to design, deliver and manage programmes all over the UK.

Our recent projects include:

Progression Skills Academies

Between 2008 and 2010 Crelos worked with CfBT (Centre for British Teachers) to deliver the City Challenge Gifted and Talented (CCG&T) programme on behalf of the Department for Children, Schools and Families. Crelos designed a number of one and two day Progression Academies, focussed on the delivery of Progression Skills, such as: understanding you - including your personality and behavioural strengths, setting objectives, communication skills, influencing skills, interview skills and much more. Crelos also managed the delivery of Progression Academies to over 4000 young people through a network of 30 highly skilled and trained tutors. The Progression Academies are one of the eight core elements of the City Challenge Gifted And Talented Education Strand City GATES.

Over 95% of all participants stated that their experience was 'very good' or 'good'.

Teacher Training

During 2010 Crelos worked for the Department for Education (DfE) delivering teacher training events, developing teachers and mentors to be able to deliver Progression Skills Modules within their schools. These one day courses focussed on the development of coaching, facilitation and higher order questioning skills.

“I went to the progression skills training last Tuesday. It was fantastic!” - Participant

Get Great

Between 2007 and 2009 we worked with the Youth Sport Trust to design, develop and deliver a mentoring tool to aid more focussed conversations between mentors and Gifted and Talented young sports people. The tool was based upon the thoroughly researched and validated Schroder model of High Performance that is used in business and consisted of a short self-assessment questionnaire, personal development plans and top tips for developing the skills and behaviours identified during the process. Mentors were developed in the use of the tools, followed by a pilot phase and wider scale roll-out.

Teacher Research

In 2009 Crelos carried out some research into what makes award-winning teachers. Crelos used a model of high performance based on the Schroder Model which includes research by the Florida Council for Educational Research identifying the behaviours required by leaders of high performing schools.
Elizabeth Henshilwood Client Director for the Public Sector and Education

'The public sector is going through unprecedented transformation. The government is calling for fundamental changes to the way that central and local government and the general public work together. Public sector employees are being asked to work differently; with increased effectiveness to deliver more with fewer resources. All this requires both cultural and behavioural change. As experts in this area it is an exciting sector to work in because what we do really makes a difference.'