Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Over the years Crelos has partnered with key players in these industries to help them deliver organisational change and adapt so as to meet forever demanding challenges.

Within this context, attracting and retaining the right talent is essential, not a luxury. Organisations need leading edge management teams and people who can cope with whatever the future throws at them. They need world-class development plans to ensure that learning happens and that, once it has, it doesn’t exit for a bigger package.

Crelos partners with businesses to help them ‘shape up’ for the future by understanding what their business plans mean for their people, and how to make sure that their people resource is up to the challenge.

We have helped clients:

  • Turnaround their financial situation
  • Increase their talent retention rate
  • Reduce the cost of recruitment
  • Implement leadership development programmes
  • Secure training budgets following strategic planning programmes



Our dedicated services

  • We translate strategic objectives into human capital requirements
  • We help organisations turnaround - We facilitate transformation management pre and post change and re-structure by carrying out human capital due diligence and assessing management teams' current capabilities and future potential. We deliver executive coaching and board room facilitation
  • We help businesses shape their people resource, gain engagement, and to go to market to get the best talent
  • We develop structured learning academies
  • We train and develop teams in a wide variety of programmes – from core skills to leadership development


Crelos has extensive expertise in telecommunications and in the profile of the people required to get there. We are working with famous people like O2 Telephonica, Cable and Wireless, 3, Energis, Hutchinson 3G and Forensic telecommunications.

Media and Technology

Our services in the Media and Technology sector have helped organisations leverage existing talent and focus on high levels of customer satisfaction. We have worked with a varied set of clients including EMI, Siemens, Xerox, Schneider Electric, UGS and Articon Integralis.