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Leaders think a lot; in fact they do little else. But they sometimes have little time to step back and take a wider view. They're too busy doing things to consider the future; alternative ways ahead; new ways of doing things; interesting but left-field ideas; revisiting basic principles and objectives. And given the areas leaders cover - from people to products, from numbers to new technology - they'd need 48 hours in a day.

Our clients expect Crelos to help them with this problem. Crelos staff think about people. We study, keep up with latest thinking and learn from experience. We're experts and are driven by the need to apply and share our knowledge. We act as a people lab for leaders.

This web site can't replicate the excitement of a no-holds-barred discussion between Crelos and a client which generates a future-transforming idea. We'll have to talk for that. But we can give you the trailer of the main feature through our articles and opinion pieces.

Libby Ferguson, Associate

'It's easy to define exceptional performance in competitive sports. Numbers help: time taken; position you finished; goals you scored. It's much more difficult in organisations. We constantly draw on sports experience to illuminate business problems so we use numbers to help understand what ' good', 'better' and 'best' are, then deliver programmes that make them real.'

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