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Over the last few years Crelos has been involved in two national government funded programmes designed to support both pupils and teachers. We were the main supplier of Progression Skills Academies, designing and delivering workshops as part of the CITY GATES, City Challenge programme. More recently we have been delivering day long workshops for teachers, mentors and educators, developing them to deliver Progression Skills Modules.

Why choose Crelos?

  • We can design, deliver and manage programmes ranging in size from UK wide initiatives to smaller, more bespoke interventions for a specific school.
  • We draw upon our years of organisational consultancy experience in business and utilise the latest and best in behavioural change methodology, management development and talent management approaches to design, deliver and manage programmes all over the UK.
  • We have a pool of 25 highly skilled tutors with specific expertise in working with young people, specifically focussed on the delivery of programmes to pupils, teachers and mentors within the Education sector.

What are Progression Skills?
Progression Skills, based on the successful Progression Academies, delivered through City GATES, aims to support pupils through a personalised learning journey so they can plan for an ambitious future and have the interpersonal skills to perform to their potential at school, further education and in their chosen career. Progression Skills include:

Year 9/10 - Personal Brand, Setting Objectives, Understanding Self, Communication

Year 10/11 - Working in Teams, Working with Others, Problem solving and Creative Thinking

In 2009/2010 4,000 learners across London, Manchester and the Midlands participated in a Crelos lead Progression Academy workshop. 96% of all attendees said they thought it was a worthwhile event and 93% would recommend it to a friend.

Learners have had this to say after attending a Progression Academy workshop:

“(What I liked most was..) understanding myself better, learning a lot about my personality and why I think the way I do.”



“It helps you to decide what you want in the future, it helps you decide how to plan for the goals that you wish to achieve.”



“I feel more motivated and better set on what I want.”


What is Teacher Progression Skills?
Teacher Support Training is the chance for teachers and mentors to learn new skills and techniques to help them apply Progression Skills in their schools and thereby allowing more pupils the benefit of this valuable experience.

How will the Teacher Progression Skills Training help you?
Teachers and mentors will learn techniques to:

  • explore ways in which the fundamentals of progression skills can be applied in their own schools
  • encourage the building of their pupils’ self-confidence and self-awareness through use of coaching
  • help pupils to become more resourceful by development of a facilitative approach
  • utilise simple but effective tools and models currently being used in business psychology
  • use probing questions to support pupils with strategies for learning and to encourage them to plan for an ambitious future


Who is the training aimed at?

  • Head Teachers
  • G&T Coordinators/Lead Teacher
  • Aim Higher Coordinator
  • Teachers
  • Teaching Assistants
  • HLTAs
  • LAs
  • CPD
  • Mentors

Who do I contact?
If you would like us to run a Progression Academy in your school, or design any type of event based on Progression Skills please email  Elizabeth or call Elizabeth Ferguson on 07795 232414.

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Elizabeth Ferguson Client Director for the Public Sector and Education

'The public sector is an exciting sector to work with. It brings a totally different set of challenges from the private sector. There is a lot we can do to help transfer the knowledge from private to public.'