Board Services

Bvalco Limited is a joint venture between Brian Quinn Consulting Ltd, Crelos Ltd and Norton Rose LLP.  Bvalco’s aim is to support Chairmen to deliver improved business performance through enhanced Board effectiveness.

The UK Corporate Governance Code recommends that Boards conduct a formal and rigorous external evaluation once every three years and a process of self review on an annual basis. To support these requirements Bvalco offers the following services:

  • The facilitation of a formal and rigorous external review of the Board using a unique approach.
  • A confidential individual service for chairmen, board directors and company secretaries in support of their own annual internal review of the board’s effectiveness.

Bvalco’s approach is unique in that it brings together the behavioural and corporate governance perspectives, reviewing the board as a whole. A Bvalco review will challenge conventional thinking and go beyond simply ‘ticking the boxes’ of the latest regulatory guidelines. 

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Succession Planning in the Boardroom – A debate with Chairmen, Board Directors and Company Secretaries

All firms must eventually experience the potential disruption of replacing the CEO, chairman and other board directors. The extent to which the succession process disrupts firm performance and share price both in the short and medium terms seems, to a great degree, to depend on how well planned and executed the process is. The statistics indicate that there is room for improvement.

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Challenge at the Heart of Board Effectiveness

Evidence from the past two decades suggests that effective boardroom culture and behaviour have played a significant role in numerous failed mega-mergers and the near collapse of our banking system. In this article, author Ali Gill, argues that behaviour and emotion are powerful factors which can influence the degree of challenge and the quality of thinking and decision making in the boardroom.

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