How do I define and develop high performance?

High performance is critical to success in competitive, complex and dynamic environments.

'What does good look like?' There is no one answer: good will depend on your values, your existing performance - your organisation's uniqueness.

The engine of our high performance work is 'the Schroder Framework'. It;

  • is based on two decades' stringent academic work;
  • was tested and proved in real organisations;
  • focuses on high rather than basic performance;
  • challenges typical uni-dimensional models of performance;
  • aligns behaviours to organisational effectiveness.

It uncovers what 'good' (and 'better' and 'best') really mean in your organisation.

We start by clarifying your vision, your aims, your objectives. Using the Schroder Framework we assess your organisation's current capability, analyse future needs and the gap between them and your present situation. Then we embed contextualised methods of selection, development and performance management.

Buy-in from everyone - and we mean everyone! - is the other essential. We win hearts and minds for the framework we've developed.

Once these foundations are in place, we 'build' high performance. Our development programmes succeed with leaders, managers, teams, business units and front line staff, because they're based on hard scientific findings about how people behave and why.

Our psychologically informed perspective helps people understand the unconscious dynamics that impact organisational life and shape high impact people programmes.

We stay on the job after delivery. By carefully monitoring how people-spend influences performance we can move investment and effort to areas with the greatest impact.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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