We need to predict who will succeed

Not everyone wants to be, has the talent to be or could deal with being the next CEO.

Those who do possess ambition, raw talent and the desire and resilience to succeed at all costs are in short supply. They need to be treated differently to reach their full potential. This makes for challenging leadership: get it wrong and high potentials will migrate to competitors.

Our high potential model makes your company a talent magnet. We:

  • quantify high performance, using measures of intellectual horse-power, motivation, behaviour, personal derailers and performance;
  • use this information to differentiate high potential from high performance;
  • apply our High Potential Index to inform leaders' talent decisions with robust data;
  • design and deliver development programmes informed by our understanding of learning, change and the roots of behaviour.
  • pay attention to the different needs of a diverse workforce;
  • use our own process to measure hard outcomes: engagement and performance.

The individual's choice about whether he or she wants to commit to excellence - in tennis, in politics, in acting or in business - must be made early and supported in an individual way. There are always reasons to get discouraged or sidetracked. That's why creating a nursery for leaders has become an issue round the world; and that's why Crelos have made a speciality of the area. Our precision business psychology approach defines the issue and the solution clearly. It provides proven objective methods to speed up the development process, inspiring confidence among present and future leaders. We leave no stone unturned - providing full cycle support, from identification to helping create an environment in which talent applies itself in transforming ways.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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