Keeping talent and maximising performance will drive success

Talent can mean your next generation of leaders or 'stars' to be fast tracked. We work in this 'talent pool'.

But talent is specific: to sector, company, time and place it's being deployed, the particular road an individual company wants to go down. You may need talent with specific skills and talents crucial to your business strategy.

We unpack the word 'talent' in your organisation and define future talent requirements. We match these needs to your readiness for selecting, engaging and developing talent. Have you got the resources needed to support your talent programme?

At this point we build a multi-viewpoint description of your talent's personal qualities - as important to their success and 'stickability' as their specific skills - from their precise abilities and personal qualities to their motivation for working.

Your talent profile is benchmarked against the external market and your internal definition using our unique Talent Index™. This provides a data-driven foundation for leaders to profile groups, compare individuals and make better decisions about development and progression.

We provide a 'marriage guidance service' for the gifted and their leaders - often a difficult relationship. Rich development and learning programmes designed to unlock hidden potential, help talent evolve in line with external change and stretch people eager for new ideas and experience are crucial here. These programmes define the appropriate combination of compelling learning events, skill development workshops, coaching, mentoring and on the job learning.

One set of statements informs everything we do: your business strategies and aims. Talent work can become disengaged from organisational priorities. Crelos simply won't allow that to happen.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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