We need to negotiate change and transformation better

Crelos support leaders in their most difficult task; managing change and business transformation. Our work is based on one fundamental belief:

Plans, systems and processes progress change and transformation: people make or break them.

We map out the human journey for change and transformation: understanding goals; understanding what your people do, think and feel; building confidence, motivation and energy to change.

We then take the journey with you: carefully designing, sequencing and adapting the mix of communication, assessment, feedback and development to make and maintain the changes in behaviour and attitude.

Our aim is performance that exceeds your dream...and a sustainable set of staff attitudes ready to embrace the next wave of inevitable change.

Crelos' scientific model of how behaviour can change and how this impacts on business returns puts certainty into complex and uncertain situations.

We apply techniques that have consistently delivered in the past, and which can be adapted to a specific situation through your knowledge and our people's expertise. These include:

  • an initial Strategic Thinking Process which marries team dynamics and thinking discipline with our joint knowledge to create solutions which avoid copycatting and unsubstantiated hunches. The process ensures buy-in and understanding of the senior team;
  • the Crelos Model of Behavioural Change, based on our understanding of the real science of how behaviour can change, quickly and with reduced risk and how this impacts on business returns;
  • assessment and development centres to identify skills and personal qualities, then maximise them.

Change and transformation projects make huge demands on our knowledge and skills. That's why we face each one with enthusiasm, commitment and a real sense that we are partnering with you to create the future.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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