We need to identify tomorrow's leadership team from today's talent

UK companies are, by reputation, bad at succession planning. The same could be said internationally. Demographics, rapid change and consequent future uncertainty, skills shortages and the growth of the knowledge economy have made designing leadership for the future even more essential and complex.

Crelos link succession planning to strategy. We are unremitting in seeking answers to the questions, "What will leaders and other key staff need to excel at tomorrow...and next year...and in five years time?" Our strategic thinking process marries team dynamics and thinking discipline, your and our knowledge to create precise and informed answers. We identify what the succession risks are and shape coherent talent strategies.

Our unique Talent Index™ combined with our assessment and survey expertise and the Schroder Framework we use to define high - not sufficient - performance, builds a practical model of what future leadership looks like now and could look like in the future.

Academy solutions - involving, stretching and growth-oriented development work using techniques keyed to the people involved and the required outcome - provide a hothouse nursery for growth and aspiration.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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