I need to differentiate our business

In mature, highly competitive, knowledge-based markets, only people characteristics equate to sustainable advantage.

What does this mean in practice?

Knowledge and abilities drive innovation and system improvement. Behaviours enact and make vivid customer brand differences. They also discipline internal discussion and decision-making to the point where they accelerate rather than brake progress.

Since people are your brand battery - the place where differentiation is stored - losing key staff to competitors is more than an irritation. Talent that's dropped off the pace can point you down an old road. Failing to recruit skills and abilities that meet emerging customer needs and corporate direction puts long term goals in doubt.

We build a precise model of the behaviours that effectively differentiate your business. We use this to:

  • create a value proposition which attracts the people you need;
  • develop skills and behaviors that will foreground existing and new employees to potential customers;
  • address the people aspects of decision-making, team working, innovation, customer service, efficient delivery.

Our approach builds on many of the techniques we describe in addressing talent and change, all converging on one outcome: how to translate differences from your vision to the actions of real people in the places where they work.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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