I need a happy and engaged workforce

'So what do we do about it?'

Perhaps you've surveyed employee happiness, commitment, motivation and their view of leadership. The results may be just what you expected or a surprise - worryingly low or reassuringly positive. But how do you go about building on an engaged workforce, or building trust and commitment quickly from a low base?

Leaders say that it takes years to build up a unique culture and a couple of minutes' absent-mindedness to destroy it.

Crelos mixes the core ingredients of the engagement recipe:

  • real consulting skills - interaction, listening, analysis -rather than imposition of a pre-cooked consulting model;
  • external data/benchmarks - based on our measurement skills and huge previous experience in this area;
  • technology - engagement work is data rich. Working with our specialist sister division Getfeedback we have access to dedicated software which handles volumes of data and translates it into manageable information;
  • communication tools - because communication has been central to our successful engagement projects.

Crelos starts by working with leaders to understand how employee engagement impacts business performance. We use scalable survey technology that can work within the most complex and multilingual global organisations to collect data. Hard information focuses action on activities with the greatest impact on concrete results.

We then apply this learning: linking employee engagement drivers to broader people management processes, financial performance and customers perceptions - to focus the direction of change, and support or inform strategy.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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