I need to embed creativity in our culture

Innovation - the successful exploitation of new ideas - enables businesses to compete effectively in the crowded global environment and to differentiate sustainably.

Most organisations have a huge reserve of talents, skills and brain power. Creating an environment in which this brain battery delivers the power to light up the organisation needs a real understanding of how creativity works.

We focus at three levels:

  • Individual differences impact creativity hugely - people's comfort with ambiguity, their appetite for experimentation and how far they persevere. We measure three crucial elements of an individual's make up which impact on their creativity: cognitive ability - their mental horsepower; cognitive style - how they approach problem-solving; leadership behaviour - since behaviour is as critical as 'smarts' to creative success.
  • Teams - diverse teams are good at innovation but they need to be disciplined in their approach - counter-intuitively, team creativity shouldn't be a suck-it-and-see process: it too often is. Our six stage Intelligent Team Thinking Process ensures that members draw on the best thinking techniques around.
  • Organisations reward and encourage innovation or penalise it for mistakes. Many organisations talk the creative talk and do little about it. One of our tasks is to bridge this gap between rhetoric and reality. Creativity starts with leaders: they must have innovation on their agenda. More than that they must know where it contributes. They must locate where their creative powerhouse is and ask where should it be for the future

Our work results in an engaged, energetic organisation where insight, inspiration and learning create new ways of achieving superior performance - and a sense of fun and adventure at the same time.

In the Real World

These studies show what our approach looks like in practice:

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