Executive Development

Executive Development

Leading change can’t easily be taught rather it is experienced through the leadership role. To change an organisation requires that leaders become masters at changing themselves too. To become expert in anything requires purposeful practice – that is, working at what you can’t do to become what you want to be expert in. We believe this learning is best achieved by working with executives who are involved in leading and implementing change.

Our approach is to develop leaders to:

  • Take up their role with potency but without being authoritarian
  • Design disruptive interventions that stimulate new and creative thinking in groups and organisations undergoing change
  • Think like a change leader, analysing and channelling the (often) unconscious dynamics and behaviours of individuals and groups, positively to create different ways of working


Crelos have developed Think-IN; a scalable methodology that delivers superior solutions and embeds the discipline of effective thinking in organisations. Think-IN is based on the use and development of behaviours proven by research to be fundamental to superior thinking and decision making. Situations in which our approach has been successful include those where:

  • Strategy capability is patchy across divisions or business units or is recognised as a more systemic weakness in an operational environment
  • A CEO wants to build a culture of openness, trust and shared accountability in the top team and/or the next layer of the business
  • A critical event creates the need for swift, thorough and motivating generation of strategic options and decisions
  • ‘More of the same’ or ‘Me too’ strategies will not provide the results to deliver future shareholder value
  • Analysis paralysis is a syndrome: the business is high on data but weaker on insight and the ability to break through into powerful, confident solutions
  • A strategy set at the top of the organisation is not fully understood or translated by business units downstream
  • There is confusion, conflict and politicisation of strategic options and resource allocation decisions
  • Team unity and ownership of solutions and accountability for their execution is critical
  • External strategic exercises have delivered blueprints that have been difficult to implement and achieve the promised returns

With a potential 6.9% greater ROI on decisions characterised by a superior process, this is one of the best strategic investments an organisation can make. ('The case for behavioural strategy'’, McKinsey Quarterly March 2010).

Our Think-IN client base includes many well known market leaders including Kleinwort Benson, Electrcomponents Plc and O2 Telefonica.

Sport as a Vehicle for Change

At Crelos, we have developed an experiential learning experience which uses Sport as a Vehicle for Change. Sport as a learning vehicle provides a dynamic and compelling learning environment to experience the dynamics of individual and group performance.

Our skilled facilitators and coaches enable individuals and groups to experience the positive and negative dynamics of inter and intra-group competition and collaboration; experiment with behaviours that enable groups to be effective; understand the direct consequences of authoritarian versus coaching leadership styles and how they can accelerate behavioural and organisational change.

If you require further information, please contact Ali Gill on +44 (0)7770 668776 or via email at ali.gill@crelos.com.

A UK wide skills shortage in the construction industry represented a challenge when recruiting high potential Project Managers. Crelos worked with Costain to grow their own future leaders from within by designing and delivering a Project Mangement Academy. Winner of the Training Award at the Construction News Quality Awards 2009 - Improvements in capability have been shown as a key driver of improved project efficiency, as well as customer and employee commitment. The initial group has just graduated achieving 100% success rate, becoming registered project professionals with the Association of Project Management.

“As a result of the PMA we have a clear view on what talent looks like in project management and are using the model to develop individuals and their successors and so enhance the capability of the group.”

Group Skills and Development Manager, Costain

A leading mobile telecomms provider sought to differentiate itself through the customer sales experience and the quality of its people. Crelos worked in partnership with the Sales Academy to design and implement a talent stream programme focusing on high performance behaviours, with a curriculum of interventions and experiences to develop and inspire. £150m contribution has been attributed to the academy since inception and there is a zero turnover at Gold and Platinum level.


“They talked to us not as a generic company. It’s been borne out by what they’ve done. They always listen and always hit the nail on the head. That’s pretty impressive.”

Head of Talent, Leading Mobile Telecomms Provider

The global finance function of a leading pharmaceutical company needed to make a transformational shift from being a regionally based function to a globally integrated organisation. Crelos worked with DukeCE to produce an experiential learning event using Sport as a Vehicle for Change. A series of events were held that enabled participants to experience and learn how to use group dynamics and behaviour to shift a culture. The programme spawned a number of innovative, transformational projects across finance. “It was an amazing experience that framed the future of finance”.

Leading pharmaceutical company