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Setting Standards of Excellence - The Financial Times Non-Executive Director Certificate

The Financial Times Non-Executive Director Certificate is a formally accredited, post-graduate level qualification for current and aspiring non-executive directors. A positive legacy of the financial crisis is the recognition that the skills required to be an effective non-executive are unique to the role and different from those needed to be an executive director. The programme covers the whole range of skills and knowledge needed for any non-executive role: including the legal liabilities and duties of a non-executive; the correct structure and operation of a board; audit and financial reporting; internal control and risk management; and has a significant emphasis on developing the behavioural skills needed to make an effective contribution in the boardroom.

The programme design, delivery and certification is a collaborative arrangement between experts from the Financial Times, Nottingham Trent University and Edexcel. Rob Dransfield, Senior Lecturer in Business Education at Nottingham Trent University led the creation of the programme with input from a variety of experts including Ali Gill, Crelos’ CEO, who co-authored the behavioural content and co-leads the programme workshops with Murray Steele, holder of several NED positions himself.

The take-up for the programme has been high, demonstrating that there is appetite from both aspiring and existing non-executive directors to develop competence. This programme is leading the way in setting standards in non-executive board directorship.

Lesley Stephenson, Programme Director, comments on Ali’s involvement in the programme:

"Ali has been an integral part of the success of the Certificate. When we designed the Certificate we knew that being able to cover behavioural issues in a meaningful way was crucial and Ali’s deep level of knowledge and understanding and her passion for developing better boards has enabled us to do that. The positive feedback we have had has been overwhelming.2"

One participant commented "The focus on both individual and group behaviour and their pivotal impact on board effectiveness has been a revelation. I am genuinely impressed by how I have been able to put into practical use in such a short period of time. Within a matter of weeks, I have used the techniques to great effect in a number of challenging board situations".

If you are interested in the certificate you can find further information on the course content and an application form here